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Guest Room Makeover You Can do over the Weekend with Lemon Wallpaper

Guest Room Makeover You Can do over the Weekend with Lemon Wallpaper

Do you have a room in the house that you shove all the packages, unwanted décor, spare furniture into? I call mine the “close the door, people are coming over” guest room. I have no idea how we ended up with a junk room in the house but here we are, 5 years after moving in, our guest room had become not so welcoming at all.  I finally had it and got the wild idea to completely transform our guest room in a weekend!

Nov 5 Guest Room Makeover you can do over the weekend with Lemon Wallpaper FAQ about installation

Decorating can seem daunting when you are starting from scratch. The only thing I loved in the guest room was this set of antique black chinoises dressers that I brought from a friend over 10 years ago. I didn’t have any other black furniture at the time but wanted the room to say “welcome, we love having you here, please stay a while”. Bright, fun, welcoming are the words I wanted the room to express. Whenever I am looking for big impact in designing a space, I go for a bold wallpaper choice. When I came across the WallsNeedLove Life of Lemons Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper, I instantly knew it was the bright touch our guest room needed. KEEP READING FOR COUPON CODE!

Top FAQs about peel and stick wallpaper Guest room make over with lemon wallpaper

If you haven’t installed removable wallpaper before, here is what you need to know. I seriously get questions about removable wallpaper in my DM every week. Today, I want to answer all your top frequently asked questions about removable wallpaper!

how to install peel and stick removable wallpaper lemon wallpaper guest room transformation
how to install removable wallpaper 4 FAQ about wallpaper

Top FAQs about peel and stick wallpaper

1.    How do you install removable wallpaper?

A: this is my favorite question! We actually had a whole house full of 80s wallpaper when we moved in. The installation and removal (which I will talk bout later) are totally painful! This is not like your grandmas wallpaper. Think of it as a giant, flexible, re-stickable sticker. WallsNeedLove uses high quality self-adhesive wallpaper that is easy to work with. Simply peel and stick the panels, smooth and trim off the excess. 

2.    How long does it take to put up wallpaper?

The application process is so easy, I did the entire room by myself in 3 evenings after putting Kai down. Simply peak and stick the panels, smooth and trim off the excess. I would even dare to say it’s less time consuming than painting. An estimate for each panel is about 10 minutes including smoothing and trimming.

3.    Will removable wallpaper damage my walls?

A: These new generation of self-adhesive wallpaper is made totally differently. It peels off clean and has never chipped my paint. During the installation process, I sometimes have to reposition the panel to line up right. I have never had an issue re-sticking it. In fact, WallsNeedLove encourages reusing the wallpaper in a different space if your heart desires!

4.    How long do these removable wallpaper last?

Here is the exciting part. Because it’s not actually paper, it doesn’t stain, tear and wear like paper. The material has some flex to it and doesn’t rip! It’s even easy to wipe clean! WallsNeedLove wallpapers are safely made with health- conscious, non-toxic, GreenGuard certified materials.

4 things you should before installing peel and stick removable wallpaper lemon guest room make over

I love these incredible before and after photos of our guest room makeover. The room now looks full of life and love. I feel excited, energized and happy every time I step into it. Removable lemon wallpaper did all the heavy lifting and made this space shine! For more behind the scenes of this lemon guest room transformation, check out my Instagram stories!

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Can’t wait to see how you transform your space with wallpaper!


4 things you should know before installing wallpaper. Lemon wallpaper guestroom before and after
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