My Favorite Baby Lotion Review

Last month, I had the opportunity to join JOHNSON’S® in New York City for their special reveal of the brand’s relaunch. You guys saw on my social channels how informative it was to speak to the scientists and moms who are the backbone behind this project. In case you missed it, catch up on the event on my stories highlight here. One of the stations there I LOVED was the Think Like A Parent station. I loved testing out the new Baby Lotion scent and feeling the new CottonTouch™ Lotion hands on. When the new JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion arrived at my door after our trip for me to try with Kai, I could barely wait to open it! Today, I am so excited to test it out with you!

3 Screen Free Ways to Keep Kids Entertained On Road Trips

Summer break may be over but family travel season is still upon up! Before you know it, you'll be hitting the road with the kiddos again for holiday travels. Kai may have never flown before but sure is a road warrior. We have put hundreds of miles in the car exploring Texas together as a family. She is about as fussy as it gets in the car. Since she was an infant, I have developed a solid system to avoid technology in the car and I'm going to share those 3 screen free road trip tips with you today. 

Recycled Toilet Paper! Yes, I’m Totally on Board and Here is Why

In a family of 5 (2 pets, 2 adults and 1 tiny toddler queen), and we go through a lot of paper products. I never even realized how much more it would be after potty training Kai. If you have ever seen the memes of cat pawing at a roll of toilet paper, you know what I mean! This year, we have taken huge steps in our family to reduce, rethink and find more sustainable options.