3 Mom Hacks for Dark Under Eye Circles

Have you ever been told "wow, you look tired!"? Maybe you are a working mom like me, trying to run a business, be present for your family, take care of needy kiddos and have a social life on top of it all. I get it! Here are my 3 hacks to help with those pesky dark under eye circles.

3 Tips on Practicing Positive Affirmations with your Toddler #ipinkican

For me, #ipinkican means to raise a strong daughter. One of the things I have been mindful to practice with Kai is positive affirmation. I have often heard children are a reflection of us and what they hear turns into their inner monologue. I want to be intentional with my words and start the practice of positive affirmations with Kai at an early age. After all, I truly believe in the power of positive self-talk and its effects on self-esteem.