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New Find! Non Toxic iPhone Case

New Find! Non Toxic iPhone Case

As much as I try to stay off my phone around Kai, she inevitably ends up touching it, holding it, chewing it and dropping it all in one day. It's kind of crazy to me that I never thought of the safety and compositions of phone case materials before. It makes sense right? We touch it all day long, our phone cases should be made out of non-toxic materials. Come to find out, not all are! 

When I came across Kroma Cases, I thought, wow that's a great idea our family could use! Here is why:


Kroma Cases are made with FDA Food Grade materials and are completely free of Bisphenol A (BPA), Bisphenol S (BPS), Bisphenol F (BPF), and phthalates. BPA is a chemical found in plastic which is known to be harmful.

The state of California issued a warning paper on BPA. Read it here

Most of us know that BPA is harmful when ingested but did you know it can also be absorbed through the skin? My views are certainly to avoid contact as much as possible, especially in something we handle so frequently! 


Not only is the Kroma Case made with safe materials, that material is also pretty tough! The bumper has a lip to prevent the fall from impacting the glass. The material also absorbs over 11 ft of impact. It's important to me to have a sleek and lightweight feel about the cases too. Kroma does just that! 


My favorite part of the visuals of Kroma is the changing back plates! There are sooo many fun patterns and colors to choose from and switching is as simple as snapping the bumper on and off! I chose a super cute vintage floral pattern as well as a bow pattern.

If you like the cases and want to try them out, use discount code JoyfullyGreen for 10% off!

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