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2 Best Places for Christmas Holiday Lights in Houston You Need to Visit this Weekend

2 Best Places for Christmas Holiday Lights in Houston You Need to Visit this Weekend

So it’s 4 days until Christmas and you are officially off until the New Year. Suddenly, you want to do ALL the holiday activities Houston has to offer but you aren’t sure where to start. We’ve been hitting the pavement hard these last 2 weeks and found a free neighborhood decked out in light and a giant light installation totally worth the trip. Last year we did Houston Zoolight and it was just that, a zoo! Maybe it’s the day we visited but the lines were over an hour long and the walkways were narrow, packed with people. I love supporting the Houston Zoo but it was not worth it for us.

The 2 places I am suggesting were less crowded and off the beaten path this year for us. No matter where we go though, my Lily Jade Shaylee with Magnetic Pockets in Blush & Gold has been a true trooper. This is my favorite Lily Jade Diaper Bag from spring to winter. The blush leather is so feminine and different than anything I have ever seen. I was a little hesitant to get a pink bag incase Kevin was going to help me carry it but let’s be real, he never did haha! And plus, true men wear pink right? The Lily Jade Shaylee Diaper bag is durable and large enough to cary an extra change of cloths, snacks and even m 12 inch laptop. I love the interior organizer that serves as a changing caddy. There is a dedicated pocket for everything and even a changing pad. Finally, I am soo glad Lily Jade recently made an update to offer the front, exterior pockets in a magnetic closure option for fast and easy access to the essentials. I always keep my keys in the front pockets and with the magnetic closure, it’s an easy in and out.

I recently also discovered Lily Jade Wallets and Packing Cases. I have no idea how I have been living without either! The wallets are made from the same high quality leather and has multiple interior zippers to keep everything organized. The Lily Jade Packing Cases were true lifesavers for us when we cruised. I used them to store spare change of cloths for Kai when she was in the day care, I packed bug spray and separated all our toiletries. If you want to try your luck at winning a wallet and packing case, head over to my Instagram page!

Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review

Now your bag is all packed and ready to go, here are my 2 best Christmas/ holiday light displays you have to visit this weekend in Houston!

1. Magical Winter Lights La Marque

I found Magical Winter Lights through social media and immediately wanted to take the whole family. It’s a 20 acre lantern light exhibit with a multicultural flair. There are larger than life castles, igloos, country inspired installation as far as the eyes can see. Kai loved the interactive light up dance floor and dino land where you can drive dinosaur mobiles. My parents loved the acrobats and Chinese shows. Kevin and I went wild at the carnival. Kids under 4 are free and there was practically no lines when we went on a week day. It’s worth the 40 minute drive!

2. Pecan Grove Neighborhood Holiday Lights

Pecan Grove is an established neighborhood in Fort Bend County, Richmond Texas about 40 minutes away from downtown Houston. Nearly every house in Pecan Grove is dedicated with lights. Some have gone all out with synchronized musical lights. Others had over 40 light up Christmas tree in their yard. It was the craziest and most festive lights I have ever seen in Houston. I know everyone talks about River Oaks likes but Kai had more fun here with the colorful display and millions of Christmas blow ups. Pecan Grove publishes a list of winners and hall of fame homes with addresses. Plan a solid 2 hours with hot cocoa when you go!

I hope you have the best time celebrating the holiday season with your family! Can’t wait to hear what you think of these suggestions!



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