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Preparing for My 30s with a New Skin Care Routine by Phytomer

Preparing for My 30s with a New Skin Care Routine by Phytomer

I am turning 30 in 2 months. Yes, let that sink in a little bit! I truly believe age is just a number and you are as young as you choose to be. With that said, I am starting to notice signs of aging but we will get into my skin issues here in a bit! To celebrate this big milestone, I thought I owe it to myself to dive deeper into quality skin care with proven results. I wanted to share with you the skin care routine I have been using for the last 2 months and reiterate a few natural tips that helps me keep balanced. 

My skin problems: 

Anyone else feel like it's not fair to have wrinkles at the same time as breakouts? Ever since I was a teenager, I have been prone to blemishes around my chin and my forehead area. After pregnancy, my hormones were so out of wack, my skin can't decide if it wants to be a teenager again or show me more wrinkles. Instead, I got both! Lucky! Since the big 30 is right around the corner, I decided to invest in valuable skin care products and develop a routine. Some of the natural things I am also trying to incorporate along the way are: drinking more fluids, making more green tea with honey and finally sleep is the key!


When I started my "this is 30" skin care journey, I wanted to find products that are natural, gentle and effective.  This is where PHYTOMER steps in. Along with my new self care habits, I have been using my new routine for the past 2 months and have fallen absolutely in love! Some of you may have heard of this luxurious french line of skin care products. PHYTOMER is known in the beauty industry as the leader in marine-based beauty therapy. PHYTOMER harnesses the power of the ocean and combines it with powerful R&D to create product of the highest quality. I love that science is at the heart of PHYTOMER and they place great value on research and development. PHYTOMER is one of the only skincare companies in the world that specializes in marine biotechnologies. This means using marine micro-organisms to create brand new natural ingredients. That's why they have natural active ingredients that are scientifically effective

I loved watching this video below of the founder's granddaughter telling PHYTOMER's generations-long story! I can really tell the passion behind the brand and their unique voices!

I'll be linking my favorite products below but use code JOY20 for 20% off all products!

As a pioneer of marine skincare, Phytomer represents a story of three impassioned generations and a dedication to cultivating the purest sea ingredients from the picturesque French seaside town of Saint-Malo, in Brittany. Mathilde Gédouin-Lagarde, Marketing Director and grand-daughter of the founder, tells you how for the past 50 years PHYTOMER has turned the sea into skin care to better reveal the beauty of women.

Favorite Products:

Let's get to the fun part! I have chosen 4 of my favorite products to highlight during this post! Since beauty goes well beyond the face, I love the PHYTOMER takes a whole body approach. Here are my 4 must haves:


PIONNIÈRE XMF WHITE SKIN TRANSLUCENCY CREAMis my go to day and night creme.  The active ingredients in this luxurious cream works magic to lighten my dark spots. The texture is light, fluffy, basically heaven in a jar. When I apply it to my face, I notice an luminescent effect immediately. My skin feels hydrated but not oily. It's gentile for every day use yet extremely effective. I am absolutely addicted to this stuff! Over the last 2 months, I have experienced significant and noticeable lightening of my complexion. MY fine lines have melted away. Even my husband commented about my glow!

 Active ingredients: EPS WHITECH : defuses overall hyperpigmentation by tackling the lifestyle-generated causes (UV, pollution, stress, etc.) that underlie it. XMF, Extra Marine Filler : instantly smoothes wrinkles and redensifies the skin matrix.

ACNIPUR BLEMISH SOLUTION FLUID is an solution for blemish prone skin types. I layer it under the PIONNIERE XMF WHITE to give my skin a blemish treatment day and night. It's super light weight and formulated to not clog pores. My skin is normally very sensitive to harsh medications. This is not the case! This fluid is light and matifies the skin. I feel clean and refreshed after it glides on my skin! It helps calm my skin down and fight blemishes at the same time!

TRÉSOR DES MERS BEAUTIFYING OIL FACE, BODY, HAIR is a one stop shop for best overall oil in my book! I have tried so many hair and body oils and this one it the perfect weight. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy, just nourishing and healthy. The spray bottle is easy to use. I just spritz it on to the ends of my hair and brush through while damp. To use as a body oil, I found it most effective on the roughest spots (elbows, knees). It's infused with all the benefits of  marine and vegetal oils to moisturize, nourish, repair, and protect both the skin and hair in one step. The scent is refreshing and summery without being overpowering. I love using it for massages as well!

SEAWEED SOAP is some of best I have tried! It's so hard to find a nourishing AND exfoliating soap. It's active ingredient Chondrus crispus exfoliate while Glycerine: moisturizes and soothes. The scent is invigorating and it helps my problem areas feel renewed, especially rough feet!

Through my journey to 30, I have discovered the value of self worth. It's so important to take the time to take care of ourselves. I hope you do the same with the help of PHYTOMER!





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