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3 Simple Tips for Baby's First Beach Trip

3 Simple Tips for Baby's First Beach Trip

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Before Kai was born, adventure was Kevin an I’s thing. After all, we found out I was pregnant after coming home from a crazy trip in Hawaii where we spent the day on a 12-mile ocean kayak adventure. We knew from the get go, being outdoors and exploring with the munchkin was totally in our future. Little did we know, adventures now just take a little more planning.

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Kai is now 2 and her personality is a bit more cautious than either of us. She often needs verbal and physical reassurance but her curiosity always wins out in the end. With every trip, we discover another piece of her personality and learn a little more about how to adventure and parent at the same time. We just returned from our first overnight beach trip this year and here are a few things we’ve learned.

Galveston Texas Travel Tips Baby's First Beach Trip

1. Comfort items were huge!

Even though we celebrated so many firsts this trip, a bedtime routine with her comfort items make it feel like home. It was her very first time at the Galveston Pleasure Pier riding so many rides! She was really into the Ferris wheel and road the merry go round at least 5 times. She was so pumped up at nap and bedtime, it was key for us to create a familiar safe space for her. Since she was a new born, we have trusted the AVEENO® line by JOHNSON’S® Baby. To save time, we order online at and have it delivered straight to our door. It’s an easy way to keep all our favorites stocked at all times without making a special trip to the store.

We trust JOHNSON’S® Baby products because it was used in the hospital for Kai’s very firth bath. It’s tried and true for many generations! Since Kai has sensitive skin, we found the AVEENO® Fragrance-Free Daily Moisture helps soothe and calm her skin without fragrances to irritate. We lather her up before nap time and before bedtime. I think the process alone signals to her we are getting ready for rest. It also helped to bring her nightlight, sound machine and blankie. I know it sounds like a lot to lug around but it worked wonders for Kai. She was asleep within minutes of laying down in a completely new environment.

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2. Kids are so adaptable! It’s okay to go off schedule

One of the days in Galveston, we couldn’t make it home for her nap time and ended up skipping it completely. I wish someone would have told me, as a new parent, that while it’s great to have a schedule, learn to be flexible! Your kids will adapt! Kai sure loved getting to spend more time playing at the theme park and we opted for an earlier bedtime instead.

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3.Make a fun box for the drive time. It’s worth it!

I made a road trip activity box for Kai again this time and it was a huge hit in the car. Screen time is usually my last resort since she seems to be more irritated after a session, especially on long drives. It was easier to gather up little things around the house that would keep her attention for a while and throw them into a travel box as entertainment. Some of the toys she hadn’t seen in a while or were purchased for the trip, so those kept her busy for the longest. A few examples were stickers, coloring books, musical books, stamps, non-toxic nail polish and travel playdough.

I hope you’ve found these travel tips helpful. Check out a video of our first beach trip of the season below and see how Aveeno worked into our day!

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